02 October 2012

Chloe "Susan" Boots Look For Less

I have been eyeing the Susan booties from Chloe for the longest! Buttttt! The price tag of $1,000+ was a damper on my mood. Me being the frugalnista, bargainista that I am (lol) I was determined to find a look for less on these babies and I believe I get. I found these similar studded booties at GoJane for guess what? ... $45! I was super duper happy. They're not exactly like Chloe's but pretty darn close and for that price I wasn't going to complain. Receeive them about a week after purchasing them and havee been receiving compliments every time I wear them. My mom hates them, but I can't keep them off my feet. GoJane also offered other colors. *goes to plan more outfits with my babies* Let me know what you guys think.

04 August 2012

Theory Thoughts.



Theyskens' Theory RTW Fall 2012

I have been loving the designs, shoes, and bags from a Belgian designer named Olivier Theyskens. His clothing line Theyskens' Theory is refreshing. I love the edgy and grungy-ness of it, yet it's still chic and feminine. Can't wait to get my hands on some of his creations!

03 August 2012



1. Chloe "Susan" Boots
2. Karen Walker "Number One" sunglasses
3. Rebecca Minkoff small wallet
4. Theysken's Theory Crossbody Bag

I have been craving and craving these four items! Especially the Chloe boots, but they the price tag is waaaay out of my range lol. I saw a great dupe of the Karen Walker sunnies on eBay and I'm considering getting them (I can't see myself paying $200 for shades I won't wear that often) but I will share with you all if I do. The wallet and the bag has to be mines soon, has to be! Lol hopefully soon ...

Choies Giveaway

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22 April 2012

Dream Lookbook: Series #5 Featuring: Zara Basic Sandals

Untitled #19

Untitled #20

Untitled #21
Just ordered these beauties here. I can't wait till they get here! I will be obsessed with these this spring/summer I can already tell haha. I will be posting pics to show I how I style them. These are just some looks I created with the fabulous clothes that aren't-in-my-closet-but-need-to-be-in-my-closet-clothes *smiley face* I'm silly I know. Hope you guys like! What do you think about the shoes?

15 April 2012

Dream Lookbook: Series #4 Featuring: H&M Neon Yellow Sandals

Untitled #15
Untitled #16
Untitled #17
Untitled #18
I saw these lovely neon yellow heels on H&M's website, sadly shopping online isn't available for the US yet, but Tuesday is my birthday and I'm going shopping with my mom so hopefully when I walk into H&M I find them. I want to go to H&M right now because I'm scared that they're going to be sold out when I get there, but that's a 30 minute drive and I'm trying to convince myself to wait till Tuesday since I'll be on that side. Hopefully I made the right choice and they're there waiting for me in my size. 

04 April 2012

Caged & Studded.

Forever 21 Shirt, Levi Jeans, Ebay Bag, YSL Caged Heels

Glad that it's finally spring, I can bring out my babies! I love these heels, had for a few year and only wore them a couple of times, I don't know why, but they will definitely get more wear this spring/summer. I have also been loving my new bag, inspired by the Alexander Wang Rocco Bag. 

31 March 2012

DIY: American Apparel Inspired Carryall Pouch/Clutch

I've been in love with this clutch every since I saw it about a year ago, but I couldn't find myself to pay $40-60 for this lovely bag so I decided to blow the dust off my sewing machine and make one for under $15. It's not perfect, but I am satisfied with my job. Take a look below to see how I made it. 
Of course you'll need a sewing machine...
About 1/3 yard of fabric of your choice, I chose Pleather. 
A zipper of your choice around 16"-20" in length.
A measuring tape or ruler.
 ... and some pins.
After cutting your fabric to your desire length/width ( mines is 12x16 1/4) align your zipper with your fabric. Try to get the end of the zipper match up with the side of your fabric, it is okay if the front ends of the zipper is hanging over. 
Sew it! 
Do the same thing with the other side of the zipper. 
After you stitched both sides of the zipper onto the fabric begin to sew each side, about an inch away from the end.
Repeat all the way around.
Outside should look like this.
If you're like me & clumsy, I lost my zipper stopper and found it like an hour later, you can stitch along the zipper to keep the zipper from coming off the track. 
Viola! Your bag is finished, enjoy. 

23 March 2012

Dream Lookbook: Series #3 Featuring: Zara Double Strap Heels/Kenneth Cole

Untitled #14

Untitled #13

Untitled #12

It's Spring! I been on the hunt for some sandals for Spring/Summer and fell in love with the Zara heels (the ones in the created looks) but was debating if I wanted to pay $90 for them, then I go into TJ Maxx with my mom and found these Kenneth Cole sandals on sale for $25! I instantly thought about the Zara heels and how they're double strap and two-tone as well. I had to get them! I consider them to be a great alternative & their designer so they should last plenty of summers!

14 March 2012

California Dreaming

Went to LA for spring break with my cousin & vlogged while I was there. It's just a bunch of randomness and us being goofy, plus plenty of OOTDs. I love California & have been wanting to move there for years! I had so much fun, maybe, just maybe I'll be stationed there when I'm through with basic training for the Air Force. 

20 February 2012

Dream Lookbook: Series #2 Featuring: Alexander Wang Rocco Bag

Relaxed Chic.

Untitled #10

Untitled #11

This bag has become pretty popular on YT, I finally broke down and bought the "inspired" one on eBay that was also famous on YT and other blogs. It was about $36, a lot cheaper than the real version of the bag which is about $700. To find the bag search "celebrity studded bottom bag" and choose the seller of your preference. I can't wait till it get heres, hopefully before my trip to California.

10 February 2012

Dream Lookbook: Series #1 Featuring: Givenchy Antigona

Relaxed Chic.

Utility Chic.


I decided to add a new thing to my blog called "Dream Lookbook" (Series #1 being my first Dream Lookbook post), where I post my dream items and outfits, featuring a specific item probably. This post features Givenchy Antigona, I love this bag and have been eyeing it for awhile! My birthday is coming up so maybe, just maybe it will be mines! Lol