27 June 2011

Match Making




I created these sets based off the shoes and how I would style them if I owned them. I'm in love with these 3 pair of fabulous heels. The 1st set is Jeffrey Campbell's "Lita" in black leather. I love the platform of them and they look great with an edgy outfit and with a simple chic outfit. The 2nd outfit are beautiful Prada clear heels I believe from their S/S 11 collection. I think I'm right. I always wanted a pair of clear heels and I think these are perfect. I styled them with some skinny jeans and ended with a fur vest and a cute charm bracelet. Last but not least set is a pair of sexy Christian Louboutin "Super Dombasie/Dombasle" in leopard. I love the freaking platform on that shoe. Style with a sheer maxi skirt, cropped tee, pearls, Michael Kors watch, and a spiked gold necklace. I wish I had these 3 sets in my closet. I'm seriously in love.

25 June 2011

Trend Alert: Ombré Hair

I have been wanting my hair like this for the longest! I just never went with it yet. Idk why because I love it. It is Ombre hair coloring. It's like when you dye your whole head & it's time for a touch up lol. I like it, it's edgy but still classy at the same time. There is a technique to doing this to make it blend instead of just dying half of your hair. I want a new look to do before school, I'm so use to all black. It's time for me to bring some color in this summer.

24 June 2011

Interior Overload

Now that I have my own place, I have been getting into interior design more and more. I just like looking at different homes and decors that are all over the internet. These are some of the ones I found and like. I have faith that in a few years I would be able to enjoy such a beautiful and luxury decorative home somewhere in the hills of California with my husband and kids. Lol I know I know, I like to dream, but I'll be there soon. I would love a victorian style house. I think that they represent class and are very elegant of course mines would have a modern twist to it. I love how architect can be a big difference in how a room or house looks. Sorry if it's interior design overload. I was envisioning my future home.