05 January 2010

Makeup look, Bloom Haul, and Forever 21 Haul and others.

 A few days ago I went to Ulta and they had Bloom Cosmestics marked off 75%, EVERYTHING! I couldn't believe it at first and I had to ask someone. She told yes it's true because they were discontinuing it from Ulta and that she bought some stuff herself. It will be marked off as supply last, so if your local Ulta is doing the same I would recommend browsing. Then later on that day I went to Forever 21 and bought a few things that caught my eye.

Bloom Makeup Base, it works really well, but the only con for me is the smell. It has a vick smell to it.
Bloom Fun & Flirty Mascara. It's an ok mascara, had to apply 2 to 3 coats to get the look I wanted.
The Lip Stain is my favorite. I bought it in Cinnamon, and it last me all day. I ate food and had something to drink without too much fading of the color. I love love love.
My Marc Jacob inspired tote from Icings, I got it for only $18!

The real Marc Jacob retailed for $1350.
Forever 21 Jacket marked from $30 to $17.
The fabric caught my eye.
Simple grey v-neck shirt.
Lace shirt I fell in love with.
Shoes I found at a store called Simply Shoes for only $24

02 January 2010

Disco Fever.

I love the Disco high-waisted pants exclusive at American Apparel. I really want the midnight navy ones. The pants are very bright and fun looking. They come in many different colors. The website link here.