27 June 2011

Match Making




I created these sets based off the shoes and how I would style them if I owned them. I'm in love with these 3 pair of fabulous heels. The 1st set is Jeffrey Campbell's "Lita" in black leather. I love the platform of them and they look great with an edgy outfit and with a simple chic outfit. The 2nd outfit are beautiful Prada clear heels I believe from their S/S 11 collection. I think I'm right. I always wanted a pair of clear heels and I think these are perfect. I styled them with some skinny jeans and ended with a fur vest and a cute charm bracelet. Last but not least set is a pair of sexy Christian Louboutin "Super Dombasie/Dombasle" in leopard. I love the freaking platform on that shoe. Style with a sheer maxi skirt, cropped tee, pearls, Michael Kors watch, and a spiked gold necklace. I wish I had these 3 sets in my closet. I'm seriously in love.

25 June 2011

Trend Alert: Ombré Hair

I have been wanting my hair like this for the longest! I just never went with it yet. Idk why because I love it. It is Ombre hair coloring. It's like when you dye your whole head & it's time for a touch up lol. I like it, it's edgy but still classy at the same time. There is a technique to doing this to make it blend instead of just dying half of your hair. I want a new look to do before school, I'm so use to all black. It's time for me to bring some color in this summer.

24 June 2011

Interior Overload

Now that I have my own place, I have been getting into interior design more and more. I just like looking at different homes and decors that are all over the internet. These are some of the ones I found and like. I have faith that in a few years I would be able to enjoy such a beautiful and luxury decorative home somewhere in the hills of California with my husband and kids. Lol I know I know, I like to dream, but I'll be there soon. I would love a victorian style house. I think that they represent class and are very elegant of course mines would have a modern twist to it. I love how architect can be a big difference in how a room or house looks. Sorry if it's interior design overload. I was envisioning my future home.

14 April 2011

Jumping The Broom

I went to an advance movie screening to see Jumping The Broom and this is the outfit I decided to wear. I hope you like & Jumping The Broom was good. Go see it, comes out Mother's Day.

Forever 21 Shirt
Forever 21 Jewerly
Levi's Boyfriend Jeans
Forever 21 Shoes

12 April 2011

Leopard Fever

Jeffrey Campbell Daisy D

H&M Leopard Print Zipper Wedge

Alexander Wang Alla Mules

Nina Cheetah Wedges

I am in LOVE with leopard. I have always have been, growing up my bedroom was always leopard, but as I got older I tried to mature, but my bathroom set is leopard :) All these shoes are wedges because I love the leopard look on shoes mostly on wedges and I know you might think I'm crazy, but all want all of these! Lol. I bought some leopard wedges from GoJane the ones shown in the pic. What do you think of my shoe picks?

10 April 2011

Red Lips

I went out to a lounge and took pics of my look on my phone, sorry for the quality and sorry for the mess in the background I was in my friend's room. I love red lipstick, it's sexy! lol I also wore a pair of my favorite heels. The lounge is always open to celebrities for their listening parties and things of that nature so I thought that it was only right that I brought these.

Forever 21 Shirt
Forever 21 Skirt
Forever 21 Jewerly
YSL Caged Heels

26 March 2011


NO H8, originally uploaded by aljones2010.

Here is my photo from the NO H8 Campaign when they came to Atlanta. I had lots of fun & was glad I was able to participate in this fun & pro-active event.

07 January 2011

New Found Love...MCM!

Sorry Juicy, Louis, and any other brand I have been carrying at this moment. There's a brand making a comeback in the fashion world and an entrance into my heart! I am in love with MCM and their cognac color bags. So classy and chic, I must own some of these bags soon. Quoted from Wiki "Mode Creation Munich (MCM) is Germany's luxury brand, founded in 1976 in Germany, but now based in South Korea. Mode Creation Munich is headed by chairman and CEO Sung-Joo Kim. It now has offices in 8 countries worldwide with over 70 boutiques." I use to live in South Korea in a city called Taegu or Daegu (it's kind of like toe-ma-to and ta-ma-to.. pronounciation thing). I will be visiting soon and will definitely will be purchasing some of these beautiful classic.

06 January 2011

Watch Me On Youtube!

I decided to finally take my friend advice and start Youtubbing! I will creating videos about my outfits, style, hauls, tutorials, tips and tricks and everything I know fashion and makeup related. Just like I stated on my channel i DO NOT call myself a guru (well not yet lol) I feel like I have to earn that title. I am just a girl who likes to give out tips and tricks and looks that I learned and created myself, but I do also watch MANY Youtube vloggers and gurus to learn. I made a "what's in my purse?" video but because of the quality I will RE-UPLOAD A NEW AND BETTER ONE! I love "what's in my purse?" videos, sorry for all caps :) (hince the excitment lol) I have a OOTD & FOTD video up go look at it! (Outfit Of The Day & Face Of The Day) but yeah my mom just made an italian dish that smells good! So I am about to chow down!

 Click Here To Go To My Youtube Channel! :)

01 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!, originally uploaded by aljones2010.

I can't believe it's 2011 already! 2010 went by do fast. I hope everyone brought in the new year safe and had fun. I'm going to relax before I go to work later. Sorry I didn't take a pic of my outfit but here was my new year's makeup and hair.