06 January 2011

Watch Me On Youtube!

I decided to finally take my friend advice and start Youtubbing! I will creating videos about my outfits, style, hauls, tutorials, tips and tricks and everything I know fashion and makeup related. Just like I stated on my channel i DO NOT call myself a guru (well not yet lol) I feel like I have to earn that title. I am just a girl who likes to give out tips and tricks and looks that I learned and created myself, but I do also watch MANY Youtube vloggers and gurus to learn. I made a "what's in my purse?" video but because of the quality I will RE-UPLOAD A NEW AND BETTER ONE! I love "what's in my purse?" videos, sorry for all caps :) (hince the excitment lol) I have a OOTD & FOTD video up go look at it! (Outfit Of The Day & Face Of The Day) but yeah my mom just made an italian dish that smells good! So I am about to chow down!

 Click Here To Go To My Youtube Channel! :)