29 August 2012

Rain Rain Go Away ...

Marshall's shirt Forever21 skirt Urban Outfitters shoes

It's been gloomy all day, I didn't have my tripod (in the process of moving ...again, whooo college) so the pictures are random shots, I tired my best to get the whole outfit by the lack of my tripod made it hard. I was only to get so much. My dog and I played in the rain a bit, well not really it was only sprinkling lol. Next post I'll have my tripod & be settled. HOPEFULLY.Glad it's "hump day" though, I'm pooped, lol just want to curl up in bed with Bear (my dog) and my hubbs and catch up on all the Twilights I missed lol.  How are you guys week going so far? 

07 August 2012

Perfect Red For Me.

Revlon Top Speed in 430 Chili 

I'm picky when it comes to nail polishes, especially shades of red and pink. I don't like dark pinks on me or cherry reds, unless the red is like a blackberry red, close to black. Weirdo? I know lol, I always been like that and growing up I was never allowed to wear red on my lips or nails, now that I'm older I love it! I believe I found the perfect shade of red for me while browsing in wally world. What do you guys think?

04 August 2012

Theory Thoughts.



Theyskens' Theory RTW Fall 2012

I have been loving the designs, shoes, and bags from a Belgian designer named Olivier Theyskens. His clothing line Theyskens' Theory is refreshing. I love the edgy and grungy-ness of it, yet it's still chic and feminine. Can't wait to get my hands on some of his creations!

03 August 2012



1. Chloe "Susan" Boots
2. Karen Walker "Number One" sunglasses
3. Rebecca Minkoff small wallet
4. Theysken's Theory Crossbody Bag

I have been craving and craving these four items! Especially the Chloe boots, but they the price tag is waaaay out of my range lol. I saw a great dupe of the Karen Walker sunnies on eBay and I'm considering getting them (I can't see myself paying $200 for shades I won't wear that often) but I will share with you all if I do. The wallet and the bag has to be mines soon, has to be! Lol hopefully soon ...

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