07 January 2011

New Found Love...MCM!

Sorry Juicy, Louis, and any other brand I have been carrying at this moment. There's a brand making a comeback in the fashion world and an entrance into my heart! I am in love with MCM and their cognac color bags. So classy and chic, I must own some of these bags soon. Quoted from Wiki "Mode Creation Munich (MCM) is Germany's luxury brand, founded in 1976 in Germany, but now based in South Korea. Mode Creation Munich is headed by chairman and CEO Sung-Joo Kim. It now has offices in 8 countries worldwide with over 70 boutiques." I use to live in South Korea in a city called Taegu or Daegu (it's kind of like toe-ma-to and ta-ma-to.. pronounciation thing). I will be visiting soon and will definitely will be purchasing some of these beautiful classic.

06 January 2011

Watch Me On Youtube!

I decided to finally take my friend advice and start Youtubbing! I will creating videos about my outfits, style, hauls, tutorials, tips and tricks and everything I know fashion and makeup related. Just like I stated on my channel i DO NOT call myself a guru (well not yet lol) I feel like I have to earn that title. I am just a girl who likes to give out tips and tricks and looks that I learned and created myself, but I do also watch MANY Youtube vloggers and gurus to learn. I made a "what's in my purse?" video but because of the quality I will RE-UPLOAD A NEW AND BETTER ONE! I love "what's in my purse?" videos, sorry for all caps :) (hince the excitment lol) I have a OOTD & FOTD video up go look at it! (Outfit Of The Day & Face Of The Day) but yeah my mom just made an italian dish that smells good! So I am about to chow down!

 Click Here To Go To My Youtube Channel! :)

01 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!, originally uploaded by aljones2010.

I can't believe it's 2011 already! 2010 went by do fast. I hope everyone brought in the new year safe and had fun. I'm going to relax before I go to work later. Sorry I didn't take a pic of my outfit but here was my new year's makeup and hair.