23 February 2012

Spring Forward

Forever21 shirt & scarf Ross jacket Unknown leggings Target or Dots socks Steve Madden boots Bleu Dame shades

Today was a beautiful day in ATL. Decided to go outside and take photos at my mom's house (see my dog in the background? Lol) The weather is so bi-polar in Georgia so when we get a nice sunny day us Georgians take advantage of that. This is lightweight so it was perfect for today's weather. 

OOTD: Cable Knit & Litas

JCP sweater JCP jeans Shoe Boutique inspired litas Forever21 jewelry

Well, not really Litas, just inspired, haha. This is my outfit from yesterday. Wanted to post it and show you guys.

20 February 2012

Dream Lookbook: Series #2 Featuring: Alexander Wang Rocco Bag

Relaxed Chic.

Untitled #10

Untitled #11

This bag has become pretty popular on YT, I finally broke down and bought the "inspired" one on eBay that was also famous on YT and other blogs. It was about $36, a lot cheaper than the real version of the bag which is about $700. To find the bag search "celebrity studded bottom bag" and choose the seller of your preference. I can't wait till it get heres, hopefully before my trip to California.

14 February 2012

OOTD: Burgundy Waxed Trousers

Sweater: took for mom Jacket: unknown Jewerly:  forever 21 Pants: zara Shoes: boutique in ATL

Hey guys! I meant to post this yesterday, but I got busy & had to leave. I love these waxed pants I got from Zara about a week ago, they're comfy, stylish & were on sale. Win, win, win. Lol I also did a video of the outfit, if you would like to watch click here 

10 February 2012

Dream Lookbook: Series #1 Featuring: Givenchy Antigona

Relaxed Chic.

Utility Chic.


I decided to add a new thing to my blog called "Dream Lookbook" (Series #1 being my first Dream Lookbook post), where I post my dream items and outfits, featuring a specific item probably. This post features Givenchy Antigona, I love this bag and have been eyeing it for awhile! My birthday is coming up so maybe, just maybe it will be mines! Lol

08 February 2012

Polish Rave.

I have been loving these NYX Girl nail polishes. They were only $1 at my local beauty supply store. I normally don't buy polishes because I always get my nails done in a salon where the polishes are provided, but for $1 I wanted to give these a try & I fell in love! The color choices are to die for & for a dollar the quality is pretty impressive. 

Colors left to right: Gilded Glitter, Collection Noir, Muted Lavender, Dreamy Glitter, Cheeky Chic

On nails: Collection Noir & Gilded Glitter