02 October 2012

Chloe "Susan" Boots Look For Less

I have been eyeing the Susan booties from Chloe for the longest! Buttttt! The price tag of $1,000+ was a damper on my mood. Me being the frugalnista, bargainista that I am (lol) I was determined to find a look for less on these babies and I believe I get. I found these similar studded booties at GoJane for guess what? ... $45! I was super duper happy. They're not exactly like Chloe's but pretty darn close and for that price I wasn't going to complain. Receeive them about a week after purchasing them and havee been receiving compliments every time I wear them. My mom hates them, but I can't keep them off my feet. GoJane also offered other colors. *goes to plan more outfits with my babies* Let me know what you guys think.