31 March 2012

DIY: American Apparel Inspired Carryall Pouch/Clutch

I've been in love with this clutch every since I saw it about a year ago, but I couldn't find myself to pay $40-60 for this lovely bag so I decided to blow the dust off my sewing machine and make one for under $15. It's not perfect, but I am satisfied with my job. Take a look below to see how I made it. 
Of course you'll need a sewing machine...
About 1/3 yard of fabric of your choice, I chose Pleather. 
A zipper of your choice around 16"-20" in length.
A measuring tape or ruler.
 ... and some pins.
After cutting your fabric to your desire length/width ( mines is 12x16 1/4) align your zipper with your fabric. Try to get the end of the zipper match up with the side of your fabric, it is okay if the front ends of the zipper is hanging over. 
Sew it! 
Do the same thing with the other side of the zipper. 
After you stitched both sides of the zipper onto the fabric begin to sew each side, about an inch away from the end.
Repeat all the way around.
Outside should look like this.
If you're like me & clumsy, I lost my zipper stopper and found it like an hour later, you can stitch along the zipper to keep the zipper from coming off the track. 
Viola! Your bag is finished, enjoy.